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We are all collectors. Stuff is how we express ourselves. Stuff conveys knowledge, the inside joke, and our connections to others. No one can see the books on your tablet. They definitely notice the mug on your desk.

Take a look at our designs. Sneak some kink from Cherish Desire into your daily life. Get inspired by retailers we love.

"Passionately Unhinged" the Mug

Cherish Desire, Merchandise, Mug, Passionately Unhinged, erotica

"Passionately Unhinged" the Mug

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Have you been suppressing your passions all this time? Well, it's time to make it clear you're going for it like Cherish Desire Erotica does!

Empress recommended, "Passionately Unhinged" is a warning and a promise. Fill your mug with passion and never look back. Choose a colour to suit your morning rituals, and satisfy your cravings as best you can.

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