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We've always been big fans of sexy ladies telling dirty stories. So collaborating with Suzie to make "Object Confessions, Collection 1 Audiobook" a reality was a lot of self-gratification and brazen fun!

"Object Confessions, Collection 1" is particularly well suited for our first audiobook release. Eleven sexy stories with the confessions of women brazenly pursuing thier personal satisfaction, this was a book meant to be read to you by someone whose voice would tease your arousal and play your emotions.

If you're still not certain, download or listen online to "Object Confessions 4" at SoundCloud for free. We wouldn't want you to be surprised by the bold and cunning Ladies of Object Confessions

Do you prefer to listen while she does the talking?



Audible offers a monthly subscription which includes one free audiobook and a 30% discount off additional audiobooks. The first 30 days are free, and we encourage you to enjoy "Object Confessions, Collection 1 Audiobook" for free during your initial 30 day trial membership period. You can always cancel at any time or exchange audiobooks that you don't enjoy. Audible is no risk and all win!

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